Tri-M Apparel 2015-16!

Hi everyone!

Orders for apparel this year will be taken until this Thursday, Dec.10, 2015. Fill out this form if you are interested in purchasing anything:

Please don’t forget to indicate your name, size, and number of items you want to buy.

Don’t forget: next meeting is this Thursday, Dec. 10. We will be taking our yearbook picture. You don’t need to wear your Tri-M polos.


Meeting Dates

Hey all!

We’ve got some events coming up.

Open Mic Night is on Friday, November 13th! It’s really exciting! So exciting that you’ll all be running to tell all your friends! Right? Of course. Your attendance is required, so why not bring some kids along and make a night of it? Your food is also required—but we’ll be talking about that in our upcoming meetings. If you’re interested in getting a bit of the limelight, well—first, we’ll shower you with our adoration, and then we’d like to review your script so we can make sure everything’s at a PG/PG-13 level. You can do anything from recite a poem about tomatoes (Yes, tomatoes. Why not?), to dictate your opinions on Christmas songs in autumn, to group together your own one-night-stand band. Use your head; be creative. Again, we’ll go over everything at the meetings.

Secondly, we’re planning a really quick meeting on Thursday, October 22nd. Shh, we know it’s a National Honors Society night. We only need you for attendance and a quick vote on Tri-M spending, and then you’re free.

Next, you’ve got a full meeting on Thursday, October 29th in which we’d like to talk mainly about Open Mic Night.

Also, we’ll be seeing you for a meeting on Thursday, November 12th.

And one last thing from me, as your historian: I’ve got some gorgeous pictures of those of you who participated in the induction ceremonies. So please come see me at a meeting if you’re interested in getting your hands on them. I’d be thrilled to send you one or two via email!

That’s all for now! We will be using Remind to send you, well, reminders–so pay attention to that.


Welcome back, Tri-M!

Tri-M Officers

Hello everyone!

To those of you who are old members, great to have you back! And to those of you who are future members, we’re lucky to have you! Remember, application forms are due on Monday, September 28th.

As we have begun a new school year, Tri-M’s new 2015-2016 officers need an introduction.

President: Ellen Yang (middle)

Vice President: Dan McCarthy (leftmost)

Secretary: Jen Vu (second left)

Treasurer: Lauren Vandergriff (second right)

Historian: Hanna Guendel (rightmost)

We’ve already been hard at work planning some changes and new events for this year. But you’ll hear about all those at our first meeting on Tuesday, October 6th.

Induction ceremonies will be held on two days this year: Wednesday, October 7th and Thursday, October 8th. To our older members: coming to both is recommended, but only your attendance to one is required. New members, you only need to come on the day of your performance–unless you’d like to support your friends as well.

That’s it! Good luck on your induction performance, and happy new school year!

~Hanna (Tri-M Historian)

Next Tri-M Meeting 5/19/15!

Our next Tri-M meeting will be on May 19th. We will be nominating officers for the 2015-2016 school year, as well as going over duties of officers. Be sure to come with nominations in mind! The second semester services are due by June 3rd! Our final meeting will be on Thursday June 4th, 2015. Seniors will receive their pink cords, and we will vote for the next group of officers! See you tomorrow!

-Jung Maeng, 2015 Historian.


Hello Tri-M!

The following two events will count as community service for the first semester. Please spread the word and please sign up. Just get your hours done now, rather than later!

1) Open house at High School East from 6:30-9:30 PM on Tuesday 9/16. We are looking for 5-10 students to volunteer. If you are interested, please email me ( or see me in school BY TOMORROW AFTERNOON (TUESDAY 9/9).

2) There will be a sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board for helping at FOMS tables at various open houses. If you are interested, write your name down.


I apologize for the hurried nature of these events, but we will schedule meeting dates after the first meeting and will be set to go for the year. See you all soon!